voice lessons & singing lessons

Traditionally, voice lessons, or singing lessons, could mean that the teacher is only working with a student on the vocal technique. For aspects of singing such as diction, phrasing, style, and more, a student might be referred to a vocal coach, also known as a voice coach. Voice lessons (singing lessons) with me include vocal coaching (voice coaching). I work with my students on all of the above-mentioned aspects of singing.

Midtown Manhattan, NYC, NY LOCATION:

I give voice lessons (singing lessons) in Midtown Manhattan (West Side). Please text or call (917)940-3456 for details.

PRIVATE VOICE LESSONS (private singing lessons) IN NYC:

Private singing lessons in New York city are 40 minutes long. The rate is $60 per lesson. I accept only cash and will provide you with a receipt.

GROUP VOICE LESSONS (Group singing lessons) in New York City:

In group voice lessons students learn core elements of the Bel Canto vocal technique. They perform voice building exercises and have the option to perform in front of the class. This helps them get over stage fright if one exists, and master the art of performing while being in a supportive environment. There are usually 5-8 students in each group class and each student receives individual attention. Group lessons are $20 and are 1 hour long.


Skype lessons are 40 minutes long and cost $60. The payment must be made 48-hours prior to the beginning of the lesson via PayPal.


The fastest way to schedule your first lesson is by texting (917)940-3456 with your open availability. Please provide blocks of time on specific dates that you are available. Thank you!