voice lessons & singing lessons

Traditionally, voice lessons, or singing lessons, could mean that the teacher is only working with a student on the vocal technique. For aspects of singing such as diction, phrasing, style, and more, a student might be referred to a vocal coach, also known as a voice coach. Voice lessons (singing lessons) with me include vocal coaching (voice coaching). I work with my students on all of the above-mentioned aspects of singing.

Midtown Manhattan, NYC, NY LOCATION:

The voice lessons (singing lessons) are given in Midtown Manhattan on 8th Ave between 36th and 37th. Please text or call (917)940-3456 for details.

PRIVATE VOICE LESSONS (private singing lessons) IN NYC:

Private singing lessons in Manhattan are $60 for 1/2 hour and $120 per hour. I ask that students pay for a voice lesson at the time of scheduling via Venmo, Google Pay or Zelle. Please call or text (917)940-3456 to schedule.


Shared singing lessons in Manhattan are $30 for a 1/2 hour. You would be sharing a lesson with 1 other person that you know. If you don’t have someone in mind to share a lesson with, I can try to pair you up with someone of a similar level.

GROUP VOICE LESSONS (Group singing lessons) in New York City:

In Voice-Building Group Classes, students sing old-school Bel Canto voice-building exercises that improve the quality of the voice. These exercises activate vocal resonances and give the singer:

  • highlight (in the voice)

  • color (in the voice)

  • vibrato

  • depth

  • vocal agility 

  • unique vocal tone

  • fuller, richer voice

  • ability to belt

  • noticeably stronger high notes (some students hear a noticeable improvement as early as after the first class)

There are usually 8-10 students in each group class and each student receives individual attention. Group lessons are $30 and are 1 hour long.

Please note, the group class is not open enrollment. Those who are looking to join it, should take at least one private voice lesson of 30-mins or 1-hour to learn the basics and to see if you qualify based on your current level.


Skype lessons of 30 minutes are $60 and 1-hour lessons are $120. The payment must be made 48-hours prior to the beginning of the lesson via PayPal.


The fastest way to schedule your first lesson is by texting (917)940-3456 with your open availability. Please provide blocks of time on specific dates that you are available. Thank you!