Vocal Coaching & Voice Coaching

Midtown Manhattan, NYC, NY LOCATION:

Traditionally vocal coaching, also known as voice coaching, might involve only helping a student with pronunciation, phrasing, artistry, and delivery of performance. It could also involve creating arrangements tailored to a student’s strengths. A vocal coach, or a voice coach, wouldn’t necessarily interfere with a student's vocal technique. Vocal coaching with me is a one-stop-shop. I work with my students on all aspects of vocal technique and all aspects of vocal coaching. I am a vocal coach (voice coach) and voice teacher (singing teacher). I recommend that my students take lessons at least once a week and practice daily. My serious students of all levels and ages usually have a remarkable progress on weekly basis.

Vocal coaching with me pertains to all genres - Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Country, Classical, Musical Theater, and more. I teach my students how to sing within their genre of music and how to develop their own personal style and a unique sound.

Voice coaching, or vocal coaching, lessons are given in Midtown Manhattan (West Side). Please text (917)940-3456 for details.