Irina Fields, Voice Teacher of beautiful voice nyc

I am a voice teacher (voice coach, vocal coach, singing coach, singing teacher) in New York City, New York. These five titles could mean different things to some industry professionals, while in reality there is a blurred line between these terms. For simplicity's sake, I usually refer to myself as a voice teacher.

I grew up loving music and earning to sing. Initially, I was really terrible at singing. My mother used to always tell me that singing is a talent some are born with and those who weren't will never be able to sing. However, I couldn't help but notice that singers with beautiful voices sound somewhat similar to each other. And it occurred to me that, since we have similar bodies, perhaps great singers are doing similar things with their to produce a beautiful sound.

On a quest to see if that is the case, I spent years studying various vocal techniques with little to no improvement.  As I later learned, it was because most vocal techniques do not give singers the answers to their vocal issues. Eventually, I came across Bel Canto, an Italian Opera Technique. This technique holds the key to pitch control, beautiful vocal tone, powerful high notes and more. Most teachers that teach it only know bits and pieces of the technique and do not teach you how to apply it to contemporary styles of music. Some teachers only say they teach Bel Canto but, in reality, don't teach Bel Canto at all. The teachers who know the complete Bel Canto in pure form are very hard to find and it's even harder to get lessons with them. The pure and complete version of this technique is what enabled me to develop the voice I've always wanted to have. It gave me pitch control and transformed my voice from small, thin, whiny and generic into big, rich, unique and beautiful. 

I never thought that this dramatic change was possible. But it did happen to me and it could happen to you. You just have to believe, learn the right technique, and be persistent.  "Ambition is the path to success.  Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in."


Irina Fields